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Making your voice heard at trade shows

Robin Hackett, Account Manager, Ingredient Communications

In a crowded field, standing out isn’t easy. With more than 1,700 stands at Food Ingredients Europe this month, exhibitors had to work hard to get visitors’ attention – and that led to some truly spectacular results. From giant video screens to interactive experiences to cocktail parties, many exhibitors found ways to make their stands unmissable.

Once they’d grabbed the attention of visitors, the most successful companies were clear about the story they wanted to tell. Some placed the emphasis on their commitment to quality. Some showcased their ingredients’ potential with exciting new concepts. Some highlighted how they can help manufacturers tap into the biggest global trends, such as plant-based, low-carb, high-fibre and high-protein. Some put the focus on sustainability.

Whatever the message, it’s important to ensure it reaches the widest audience possible. And while it’s easy to focus exclusively on the visitors who stop by your stand, shows like FiE offer a prime opportunity to connect with the media and spread messages much further afield.

At Ingredient Communications, we not only help our clients to tell their stories and develop their messaging but also set up editorial meetings. Journalists from all over the world headed to Paris and we were able to arrange dozens of interviews – 13 per client on average.

Journalists sat down with company spokespeople to pick up information, quotes and video footage, and that material has already been published in a wide range of high-quality publications. Increasingly, magazines and websites are also publishing content on their video interviews on their social media channels, which can be another highly effective way of reaching your audience.

The importance of B2B media coverage should not be underestimated. According to a 2016 survey by the German Association of Business Media, 94% of professional decision-makers used the trade press as source of information and 78% said they visited the company’s website after reading about them in B2B media. In fact, the trade press outscores events as a source of information.

Given the huge amount of money and effort involved in exhibiting at a show such as FiE, it’s essential to ensure maximum value from your investment. Obviously not all your potential customers will attend the event, and working with the media is vital if you want to amplify your message beyond the walls of the expo hall.

By securing coverage in respected publications, you can increase your reach, raise awareness, boost your credibility, generate leads and stand out from the crowd.