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Details of the services we provide

PR & Marketing Services

We offer a wide range of PR, writing and marketing services. In addition, we’re experts in the B2B ingredients sector.

Whatever your requirements, we have the expertise, experience and skills to take your communications strategy to a higher level.

Our services include:

StrategicCommunications Advice



White Papers& Reports

& Editing

& Newsletters

& Event Support


Advertising Services
& Media Buying





Strategic Communications Advice

Let’s talk.

How we communicate defines how others see us. In business, that can be critical – even the difference between success and failure.

Our experts are ready to help you optimize all aspects of your B2B communications strategy, so you can feel confident that you are presenting your company in the best way possible.

PR, marketing materials, advertising campaigns – and more. We’ll give you the honest and constructive strategic communications advice you need to show your ingredients and services in a positive light.

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Press Releases

Spread the news.

Do you have an exciting development to share with the industry – perhaps a new ingredient, a positive clinical study, or an acquisition? A press release is an impactful and cost-effective way to make sure your story reaches your target audience.

Press releases can raise your company’s profile and showcase your products and services positively and proactively.

Our skilled PR professionals will work closely with you to develop a press release that communicates your news in a way that B2B journalists and their readers will find engaging.

We’ll send your press release out to journalists on our proprietary database, which contains hundreds of key contacts working across the B2B food, beverage and nutrition sectors.

We can segment our contacts by category and geography, allowing you to target specific groups. We’ll also produce a detailed report outlining the coverage achieved.

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Feature Articles

Be part of the conversation.

Contributing to feature articles in target-right B2B magazines and websites will ensure you’re part of the conversation. We’ll work with you to identify relevant opportunities and liaise with editors to secure your participation.

Articles about ingredients come in many forms and we can support you no matter what the opportunity requires. Q&As, telephone and face-to-face interviews, technical articles, trend analysis, opinion columns – we’ve got it covered.

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White Papers & Reports

Showcase your expertise.

White papers and in-depth reports allow you to showcase what makes your ingredients and expertise so special.

We can produce and design high-quality materials that are professionally written and fit with your corporate branding. If you need us to, we can also create them from scratch, offering you ideas for content and carrying out any necessary research.

We’ll supply them to you as a pdf that you can use as a sales tool and in marketing campaigns.

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Copywriting & Editing

Find the right words.

Our team of experienced writers is ready to help you create copy that’s clear, compelling and easy to read. Whether the subject is technical, scientific or marketing-related, we’ll always make sure you find the right words.

Websites, brochures, fact sheets, spec sheets, film scripts and more – we can help.

We know the secrets of writing engaging copy for specialist audiences – and we can harness them for you.

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Blogs & Newsletters

Create a connection.

Enrich your website with incisive, snappy blogs that demonstrate your cutting-edge thought-leadership to your target market.

Engage your customer database with regular html newsletters that make sure you stay on their radar and maintain a close connection.

Our team has years of experience in creating impactful blogs and newsletters for ingredients companies. Get in touch to find out more.

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Exhibition & Event Support

Get noticed.

Exhibiting at an ingredients trade show is a major investment, so it makes sense to maximize your presence by engaging directly with those B2B journalists who are attending.

But with hundreds of companies competing for their attention, how can you be sure they will make time in their busy schedules to visit your stand? We’ll make sure of it, by reaching out to them before the show to make an appointment on your behalf.

We’ll draw up a schedule so that you can see when they are due to stop by. We’ll also follow up afterwards to check they got everything they needed and find out what plans they have to cover your news.

We’re ready to connect you with the media and help you maximize the benefits from participating in trade shows.

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Media Training

Sharpen your skills.

A media training session with our friendly and knowledgeable experts is guaranteed to help you improve the way you communicate with the media.

We’ll create a session customized to your needs, so that it’s relevant for everyone who takes part. The focus is on developing a better understanding of the B2B media better and learning effective techniques for successful interviews.

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Advertising Services & Media Buying

Reach the right people.

If you’re planning to invest in paid-for marketing and advertising, you’ll want to be sure that your money is working as hard as possible.

As experts in B2B media for the ingredients sector, we are in the perfect position make sure every penny or cent is spent wisely – in target-right online and print titles that will put your business in front of the industry professionals you want to reach.

We’ll talk to you about your aims and create a bespoke program that fits your budget. We’ll negotiate the best prices and positions on your behalf and make sure the production process runs smoothly.

We’ll take care of obtaining proof of publication and performance reports and even settle invoices with vendors. We can also create advertising artwork and copy for your campaigns.

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Journalist Visits

Bring your story to life.

Inviting B2B journalists to visit your production facility is a great way to bring the story of your ingredients to life. It also provides an excellent opportunity to forge strong professional relationships with leading editors and reporters in our sector.

Why not let us help you plan the perfect media visit? We’ll support you all the way, suggesting an optimal itinerary, inviting key journalists and attending the event to ensure it goes off without any problems.

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Social Media

Let’s get digital.

We can help you to raise your profile on the key social media used by your customers and B2B journalists.

We’ll build your profile and engagement through a combination of original posts and sharing of interesting and relevant information with your followers and connections.

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Consumer Research

Harness the power of listening.

The unique insights generated by bespoke consumer research make the perfect basis for compelling PR and marketing content. We will design and commission a survey that fits your needs (and your budget) and help you to understand the results. We will also advise you on how best to communicate the findings in a way that showcases your expertise and thought-leadership to the market.

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