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Which social media platform is best for your ingredients business?

By Marta Matvijev,
Communications Assistant at Ingredient Communications

Social media is widely used for promotional purposes, and, according to a report from 2015, more than 90% of marketers were using Facebook. Although its popularity is undeniable, many are still unsure about its efficiency as a marketing tool, and with good reason – there are indications that not all social media are successful in attracting customers. The one exception is LinkedIn.

Although trailing behind the social network giants in terms of users and activity, LinkedIn is more successful in driving people to companies’ websites -and it makes sense because it is the only channel dedicated solely to business. So how can an ingredients company make the most of it?

The greatest advantage of the business focused social channel is allowing you to create a profile of a company with personality. Rather than dry figures of shareholders, employees, and profit, the company’s LinkedIn profile should provide appealing, yet clear and professional content that will attract users to the website. A LinkedIn showcase page serves exactly this purpose. It is has a more ‘bloggish’ style, with posts about recent trends and developments in the company, as well as their wider interests.

Once the company’s profile is chiselled to perfection, you need to create a stronger presence and grow the network of contacts relevant in the ingredients field. LinkedIn offers an advanced search tool with a numerous filters allowing you to find professionals and companies according to very specific criteria.

Groups are another important way of enhancing presence. By contributing with interesting posts and insights to group discussions, the company will become more widely recognizable. At the same time, it’s a great way of showing the more personal and individual side of the company. But most of all, groups are a great way to establish authority in the ingredients business. Those more confident could take initiative and start their own groups, where they can generate ideas and trends, and direct discussions about health and nutrition.

In short, if you can create and nourish a strong and healthy presence among the LinkedIn ingredients business community, costly and misdirected posts can largely be avoided in favour of attracting the right people to your product.

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